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Published on Tue 07 of June,2011
WWDC 2011 Keynote Click to Play1

On the WWDC 2011's event Page Apple provides, already since yesterday evening, a video-stream of the keynote.

Downloadable videos and the PodCast are not released, yet.

1. Imagesource: Apple

Blogpost about WWDC 2011's keynote videos
Published on Tue 31 of May,2011
In it's newest press release Apple unveils some details about the WWDC 2011 keynote on the upcoming monday.

The keynote's topics will include Apple's "next generation software":
  • Mac OS X Lion®
  • iOS 5®
  • and iCloud®, Apple’s "upcoming cloud services"

(via iPhoneBlog.de(german))

Published on Tue 29 of Mar.,2011
We all love animals, and especially those who are smarter than human, don't we? ;-)

Have fun!

(found via Stefan Niggemayer's "Kurze Unterbrechung" )

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