By decision of 12 May 1998 the regional court Hamburg decided that one has to answer by the inclusion of a link the contents of the linked page if necessary, if one has not explicitly distanced himself from it.
I, Oliver Bach, expressly states that I have no influence on the design, content and links of the linked from these pages from sites, nor ever had and distance myself from all forms of design, content and links of all linked pages and do not make these my own.

And how Bernd Ulmann already captured it so beautifully in words on hist website (www.vaxman.de) I wonder myself about the German justice system and their lack of understanding for the technology of today's media.

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bach: (EN) Even the official "Tweet" button from Twitter is already integrated into the page.
bach: (DE) Auch der offizielle "Tweet-Button" von Twitter ist bereits in die Seite integriert.
bach: (EN) Added a Flattr-Button on the english start page: [Link]
bach: (DE) Habe zu Testzwecken einen Flattr-Button auf der englischen Startseite integriert: [Link]